Tony Heywood

Tony Heywood’s passion for music has been a thread throughout his life since buying his first single, The Humans League’s Don’t You Want Me, way back in 1981. At various times he has been a club DJ, a music writer, a bass player, a remixer, a music blogger, a record collector and crate digger. Tony has been broadcasting on WCR since April 2015.

Tony’s show is Panic Radio on Wednesday evenings from 9:00pm to 11:00pm. The show is a midweek dose of music from the left of centre. It features a wide range of music including indie, punk, folk, new wave, synth pop, electronica, trip hop, dubstep, classical, dub, reggae and ambient. Each week there will be a charity shop find, a long track, guess the a-side and the location, location, location feature.